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This topic has been marked solved and closed to new posts due to inactivity. We hope you'll join the conversation by posting to an open topic or starting a new one. Start a New Discussion. Firmware Version: V1. I receive emails all day long but cannot send email through the router.

I've bypassed the router by connecting PC directly to modem and no problems. I've even used another older router and don't have any issues. Even wife's Iphone can't send emails. Depending on device, we get various messages:. Message rejected.

How to See the Ports That Are Blocked on a Router

Checked with ISP and I'm not blacklisted. ISP Tech support keeps asking me to mess with Outlook settings. But since I can send without R in the mix, I'm hesitant to fool around with them. Though I have them memorized by now.

Router is configured to not block any sites or services. Go to Solution. My ISP is one of them and only accepts outgoing email eminating from port I enabled port triggering and port forwarding incase it was being blocked by the router for some unkown reason.

Tonight I found the solution though with the help of a very knowlegable tech support agent from my ISP. Different MAC addy and now mail works fine in both directions.

I'm posting this solution as a courtesy because I spent a good 4 hours sifting through posts in this forum that were not pertinent or never had a solution. My favorites are posted questions that have been locked down due to inactivity and not one troll out there bothered to offer a suggestion, snarky or otherwise.With some games and applications, it may be necessary to open one or more ports or setup port forwarding on your home router. Below are the steps required with most routers and additional help and suggestions with troubleshooting encountered issues.

Ports are often closed on a router to help prevent unauthorized access to your home network. Opening any additional ports on your router may decrease the overall security of your network. If you want to open ports to give access to a game or an application like BitTorrentmake sure it is absolutely necessary. In some situations, it may be a firewall on your computer or router that is blocking access.

Try temporarily disabling your firewall to make sure this is not causing your problems.

How To Get NAT Type 1 PS4

Referring to the following picture as an example, with single port forwarding, you have different fields that need to be completed. First, the Application Name is the name given to describe what the ports are that you are opening. In our example below, you can see this router has drop-down menus and empty boxes. If you are opening a common port such as FTPselecting that option enables that port.

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However, in most situations, you need to type the name of the application. For example, you would type in the name of the game. Next is the Externet Port and Internet Port.

Enter the port you want to open in both of these fields. For example, if you were opening port 88, you would enter 88 in both boxes.

asus router port blocking

If you are uncertain of the exact protocol needed, use both. This port is being forwarded to on the network. Finally, once all these values are configured, check the Enabled box and click the Save Changes button.

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If your application or game requires a range of ports, such asyour router should have a Port Range forwarding section shown below.

In this section, you would follow the same steps as those mentioned above, however, instead of entering an individual port, you would enter the starting and ending port number. For example, if you were given instructions to open portyou would enter as your starting port and as your ending port. Finally, if after enabling port forwarding you are still encountering issues with another computer or application seeing your computer, it may be necessary to enable DMZ.

Often this setting is in the same area of the router configuration as discussed above and can be changed from disabled to enabled.I had this configured on my prior DIR with port forwarding; however, the ASUS interface does not appear to support this functionality???

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If you are able to confirm this, please let me know. I'm also interested in solutions or options to to restrict port 53 to openDNS servers via this router if possible. You configure this as of section " 4. Thanks for the reply. I did follow the manual as I thought appropriate before posting and configured the router as depicted on the attached image.

Server: router. It only allows a blacklist or a whitelist.

Opening a Port for the Asus Router

It is a toggle button and will not allow for both. Even better! This does not block, but redirect. I didn't know that this router has a CLI.

There is no mentioning about that in the manual. I ike that it passes the google dns server redundancy onto the OpenDNS redundancy. I tried to to everything on m y asus RT-N66U but it doen't work at all. I enabled telnet on windows 10 and also in the router. After that, i pasted every line above. Not show errors but it didn't work. Have you any idea to prevent others DNS Server with this router?

I'd suggest checking an ASUS forum. Here on the OpenDNS forum we can tell you what you want to accomplish, either blocking all port 53 traffic that is not going to the OpenDNS servers, or intercepting and redirecting all port 53 traffic to the OpenDNS servers.

These are fairly routine firewall tasks but we aren't experts here on all the different router models, just on OpenDNS and what you want to accomplish. The ASUS forum would have the experts on manipulating and configuring your specific router model and how to accomplish what you want to accomplish.

asus router port blocking

Granted, someone here might know how to do this with your specific model, but the odds of finding someone on the ASUS forums who know how to do it are higher there, and you'll likely find someone who knows how faster. I know this is an old thread, but here is how I did it with my Asus router.

Hope this helps. All others will be blocked. Doing this works on all of the Asus routers I have setup not only for myself, but friends and family as well.

I'm trying to do the same. This is a very specific router related question, related to OpenDNS in no way. You better ask this in an Asus support forum. Here you may not get an answer at all or not for a long time.

Actually I'll post the answer that I found after some time. I'm not too good with this things, so maybe somebody will optimize what I did. Here we go:.Consumer and small business routers include an integrated firewall that screens data entering the network. The firewall discards unsolicited traffic -- incoming data attempting to enter the network via blocked ports -- to protect connected workstations.

Some routers, however, block ports associated with useful programs and services, like port used for Remote Desktop Connection. If you're unable to connect to the Internet when using a particular application, use telnet to determine if the router is restricting traffic through the applicable port or ports.

Press "Windows-C," click "Search" on the Charms bar and then type "features" into the search field. Check "Telnet Client" and then click "OK" to install the associated components to the computer. Open Search. Click "Apps," type "cmd" into the search field and then right-click "Command Prompt.

Choose "Run as Administrator" from the context menu and enter your administrative password or click "Yes" to continue. Replace " " with the address of the server you want to connect to and replace " " with the appropriate port number. For example, to check port a common port used by outgoing mail serverstype "telnet smtp.

asus router port blocking

Press "Enter" to test communication on that port. If a blank screen appears, the connection was successful. If an error message appears, however, your router may be blocking that port. Ruri Ranbe has been working as a writer since She received an A.

Ranbe also has more than six years of professional information-technology experience, specializing in computer architecture, operating systems, networking, server administration, virtualization and Web design. How to Port Forward on Windstream.

Share on Facebook. Step 1 Press "Windows-C," click "Search" on the Charms bar and then type "features" into the search field. Step 3 Check "Telnet Client" and then click "OK" to install the associated components to the computer.

Step 4 Open Search.

How to open or forward a port on a router

Step 5 Choose "Run as Administrator" from the context menu and enter your administrative password or click "Yes" to continue. Step 6 Type the following command into the console: telnet Replace " " with the address of the server you want to connect to and replace " " with the appropriate port number. Step 7 Press "Enter" to test communication on that port. Some Internet service providers also block certain ports to reduce the transmission of malware on the network.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

asus router port blocking

April 4, by Matthew Rossi. Port forwarding is essential to viewing your surveillance system remotely. Without redirecting your packets you'll be stuck timing out every time you try to view your feed from a remote network. We try to make this process as simple for our end users as possible. I remember the first time I attempted to forward ports in It took me a few hours. I had a grasp on the idea, but not the concepts behind it, nor did I fully understand networking at the time. So, I sympathize with you attempting to do this on your own.

Therefore, I'm making another port forwarding article in order to help anyone with this device view their cameras feed remotely. This router is one that we recommend for our IP systems. It has a strong processor and is capable of the bandwidth needed to transmit high-quality video.

It'll even handle wireless applications well. Let's get started. Enter the address of your router into your browsers URL bar. The default address is: After logging into your router you should be placed at a page that looks like this. Select WAN on the left hand side. You will be brought to a page like this.

Our port forwarding rules are already in place in this image. Make sure port forwarding is enabled. If it's not enabled and you're able to create rules, they won't take effect. The fields should look similar to this.

Let's move on to the next step. We want to make sure that we aren't missing something and the router is open on the ports that we created rules for. They should display as "OPEN!Recently subscribed to BT broadband Unlimited Extra service. I have checked this behaviour against an external server and also using portquiz. In both cases the connection just times out without connection. I called BT Tech Experts who after a long and irrelevant discussion about port forwarding said that their network does not block these ports.

Go to Solution. I'm on Infinity1 with a copper connection. Broadband package will have no bearing on the problem. Do you have something like NetProtect enabled? Browsers by default don't like trying to use these ports for outgoing communications.

Had a friend try to connect to my server, I changed the port to 22 both on the server and in the router first and then to 23 after a successful connection using Here's a tracert to portquiz. Couple of timeouts but basically works. If I issue a command "telnet portquiz. Same with most other ports. But "telnet portquiz.

Are you sure that site supports telnet on port22, I can't reach it but I can telnet to rainmaker. Sign In Forum Help.

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Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Did you mean:. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Message 1 of I have tried the following to narrow down the issue: 1. Disabled router firewall - makes no difference.

Disabled PC firewall - makes no difference. Does anyone else have this problem, or can anyone suggest something I haven't tried? Many thanks. Message 2 of Telnet works fine for me. Message 3 of Message 4 of Message 5 of Message 6 of Message 7 of Can you post a traceroute to bbc. Perhaps also another to the destination you are trying to reach, please? Message 8 of I am so tired by some types of the YouTube videos my kids are watching all day.

I decided to restrict YouTube videos based on Keywords in my home network. I thought it should be really easy. What a big mistake. It turns out to be a serious challenge and me end up blocking YouTube altogether kicking out my own access as well.

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In my journey to my goal, I learned a lot and decided to put it out to help others who may also be looking for the solution like me. This article is divided into several sections to help you understand the reasons for specific questions.

Stay tuned and keep reading!

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For example, if you want to block all YouTube videos that have Pippa-pig in the title, there is a no way to do that.

Therefore, we can either block YouTube or not. You cannot block it selectively. Of course, a specific video URL can be blocked but not based on keywords. I really wanted to block all the video that has Peppa-Pig in the titlebut there is a no way. Other methods that can work but not preferred. Computer-based Firewall software often included in antivirus package may block YouTubebut it will only protect the specific device and an advanced user may be able to manipulate.

Router based method is preferred as it will protect all the connected devices and no one can manipulate it. There may also be other methods that I have not explored or not familiar with, but it will not be as simple as the method I used and may need a tech- savvy brain to implement.

Devices that I have blocked YouTube access in the home network using this method. Cost and Time. Maybe minutes of your time. Best of all, you do not need to install anything on any device. How to block YouTube in the home network?

However, I assure you that you would achieve your goal at the end.

How to block YouTube in the home network (Phones, Tablets, Computers)

This is the best method that worked for me and I am sharing my experience here. Step 1. Setting up OpenDNS in the router.

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